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Provide Richness with Video Advertising

Online video advertising is one of the fastest growing channels and has the ability to generate a large amount of revenue for a business. Video ads provide a level of visual and narrative richness that other types of advertisement lack. Exigo Digital uses video advertising to take your business to the next level.

Video advertising is known to bring in huge profits for companies because of its ability to capture a customer’s attention and ignite their inner shopper. Exigo Digital uses YouTube and other channels to target specific audiences. Video ads can target a consumer based on their age, gender or interests in order to make your marketing efforts efficient. Auto play allows your video to grab customer’s attention and lead them to your website. We use our knowledge and experience with these channels to design videos that are effective and functional so you are able to reach audiences across a variety of platforms. Channels are constantly changing, therefore conforming to these cycles is extremely important and prevent you from blending into any given environment.

Exigo Digital goes to great lengths to provide its clients with the best digital marketing services, and that is why we work with the best of breed video studios. When creating a video, we combine your business’s best qualities in an effort to capture your unique style. The first few seconds need to be bold and sexy in order to gain the consumers focus. Our partner studios has the experience, the equipment and creative skill to create flawless clips that make consumers want to know more about your business, products and services. Once the video is created we run tests to make sure that we hit our target and the video attracts potential customers. Google Analytics allows us to monitor success and make necessary adjustments in order to make your advertisement effective. We have the ability to see how low long a video is watched, the number of views, clicks and conversion we get, keeping us ahead of the game.

Let us show you how video advertising is an effective marketing tactic that can get your business the results to help you achieve your business goals. Exigo Digital wants to help your business become more efficient with this effective marketing strategy.