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“They make me money.”
I use Alan Brocious and Exigo Digital Marketing for all of my internet marketing for my three small businesses. Specifically, he has helped me with blog setup, web sites, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and Adwords campaigns. I used other marketing companies in the past, but had little success. I dropped the TV and radio ads they were recommending and now only use the internet and the phone book as my primary sources for advertising, as Alan recommended based on his research and understanding of my companies.

Since making this change, we now get about 80% of our sales from internet leads which are more qualified and much less expensive to come by. I feel that using optimized, content loaded web pages together with a planned social media program gives me the advantage over my competition. This has allowed us to grow every year while actually lowering our advertising expenses.

I recommend Alan for two basic reasons. Most importantly, he makes me money. The second is that Alan is very straight forward. He explains things in a way that I understand and is very direct and honest, qualities that I look for in an advisor.

I would be happy to speak to anyone in person that is considering using Alan to help their business grow.

Dan Mitchell
Independent Home Solutions, LLC
Scooter Warehouse
As a Harley-Davidson Executive for 16 years, I’m accustomed to expecting a great deal from my marketing team. Two years ago, when I launched my own business, I started working with Al and his team at Exigo Digital Marketing. We have forged a great business relationship and they have delivered on all of my expectations. They’ve also helped us to develop a complete marketing strategy, from our brand identity to our digital media strategy to our tactical marketing plan. Al’s marketing experience, varied business background, and key insights make Exigo Digital Marketing a critical part of my business team.

Bill Dannehl
CEO and Founder
Verus Construction Management
Setting up a social media program was a daunting task for both me and my company. With over 2 million customers, there was no room for error. Al Brocious and his team at Exigo Digital Marketing made the entire process a snap. We outpaced our competitors by a 2:1 margin in followers, increased our name recognition and established our company as an industry leader in both social media and customer service.

Sharon Duke
Government Affairs and Marketing Director
We chose to partner with Exigo Digital Marketing because of their intimate knowledge of the best tools of the moment for SEO and conversion optimization. With their help, we launched an aggressive keyword search campaign to drive user acquisition for our software development tools. By quickly testing several strategies at once, Exigo was able to optimize and focus in on the best results, exceeding our traffic and conversion goals while coming in on budget.

Roy Smith
VP Marketing