Tips to Building a Digital Ad Budget

Do you ever wonder how best to budget for your online campaign? Many professionals struggle with this.  How much should a conversion cost? Am I spending too much? Too little?  Take a step back and review your plan. Identify Specific Goals First, identify the campaign goals. Be specific.  Do you want them to fill out [...]

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Digital Marketing Planning

Traditional Marketing is very different from Digital Marketing.  Sure, some elements are the same.  But there are some real benefits to digital marketing that you may not be taking advantage of or even know about. Having a clearly defined strategy is imperative.  According to an informal Smart Insights 2012 poll, 69% of responding organizations are [...]

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A No-Nonsense Perspective on Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate.  It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site then leave the site or “bounce” without visiting a second page or leaving right away. Bounce rates are helpful in determining the effectiveness of a keyword choice or landing page. An entry page with a low bounce rate means that the page effectively [...]

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Web Site Usability

Are your website visitors bailing out early?  Are you struggling with sales funnel leakage?  Your website may be missing the mark.  Just because it makes sense to you doesn't mean it makes sense to your website visitors.   Don’t be a focus group of one. First, define your goals.  What is the point of the website? [...]

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A/B and Multi-Variant Testing

Which of these is clearer?  This one or this one?  A or B?  If you've ever been to the eye doctor you understand the concept of A/B testing.  A/B testing your website isn't much different.  On your website, a page may appear to be well-designed but it might just need a little tweak here or [...]

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