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Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing is the evolution of traditional marketing. You have to learn data and customer flow to be successful.

Exigo Digital is a New Google Partner

Exigo Digital Marketing is pleased and excited to announce that it has recently achieved Google Partner status! The Google Partner program is Google’s platform for digital marketing agencies, like Exigo Digital Marketing, that have earned Google’s seal of approval. As a member of this exclusive community, Exigo Digital will receive preferential access to a range [...]

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Digital Marketing Planning

Traditional Marketing is very different from Digital Marketing.  Sure, some elements are the same.  But there are some real benefits to digital marketing that you may not be taking advantage of or even know about. Having a clearly defined strategy is imperative.  According to an informal Smart Insights 2012 poll, 69% of responding organizations are [...]

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Digital Marketing from 50,000 Feet

Simply put, Digital Marketing is marketing via electronic devices. Computers, cell phones and smart phones, electronic tablets, smart TV, and game consoles. Digital Marketing is inexpensive and targeted. Virtually everyone is plugged in these days, making it a very popular place to market and advertise. Guaranteed you will find your prospects online. They are surfing [...]

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