Is ROI an Excuse?

Prior to my career as a marketer I was an accountant. Yes, I was that guy that only looked at the numbers and gave you a hard time about your expense report. One of my favorite stories from those days was about ROI when dealing with the sales and marketing teams. Budgets are tight; new [...]

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Digital Marketing 101. Do You Know the Basics?

Looking through my inbox the other day, a message caught my eye.  I typically don’t pay attention to this kind of thing, but perhaps I took an interest because I was recently interviewed for a student’s research paper on careers in marketing.  As an aside, I found it interesting that many of her questions were [...]

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It’s Not about Hitting Home Runs; It’s about Getting on Base

Digital Marketing. It bears a resemblance to what Billy Beane and Peter Brand were trying to do in the 2012 Academy Award nominated film, Moneyball. You might think that the movie is all about baseball. Really, it is a movie about data. Just as marketing isn’t all about creative, it is also about data. Digital [...]

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