Social Media Advertising 2018-03-09T10:28:37-04:00

Target Customers With Social Media Advertising

Social Media is a platform that has become increasingly popular to marketers for a good reason, it works. Consumers of all shapes and sizes partake in the social platform as a means of finding out new information, and are easily influenced to venture off. Exigo Digital will use social media to target consumers by demographics along with the conversation and use it as a means of marketing to focus the advertising.

Demographics are effective tools when using social media due to it being able to target your audience. Last year Facebook alone brought in over 2-billion-dollar worth of revenue for marketers. Exigo Digital sets your business up for success with social media because we not only target your potential customers, but we also make your advertisements user friendly. We create desktop and mobile advertisements so no matter what platform being used; the advertisements are efficient.

Exigo Digital believes that listening to your audience is more important to anything, and this means understanding your channel through research. Before starting our campaign, we like to see what people are talking about on these platforms so we can conform to them in some way. Rather than marketing your entire inventory, we focus on one specific product to catch consumer’s attention and make them want to explore. Simplicity is sometimes more efficient than trying to cram everything together. Social media advertising can be lower cost than other forms so some marketers do push to run multiple campaigns. Exigo likes to keep it simple by creating a few advertisements that are extremely attractive and high quality then target them. We have seen success within this area because of our focus to detail. After your advertisements are uploaded we do not disappear. We answer questions that you or your customers may have and use our data systems to monitor progress.

Social Media Advertising can be complicated involving where to place ads and what content to put on them. Exigo Digital answers these questions through research and our experience with marketing. We make it easy for you to see conversions and launch social media campaigns to help your business become more available to consumers.