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Increase Website Traffic With Search Advertising

Search advertising is the process of placing online advertisements on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) in order to increase website traffic, conversions and brand awareness. These advertisements are so effective due to them being tailored to a consumer’s direct needs, as compared to unpaid ads that are less relevant. On Google paid search advertisements appear in two places, the bottom of the page and the top. These functions are done through AdWords, and it has the ability to determine a variety of factors that influence where you are positioned. Although you can spend a lot of money bidding on keywords, Exigo Digital’s strategy gets you to the top without breaking the bank.

Paid search advertisements are targeted to match keywords within Google’s search engine, and these keywords are purchased by businesses. Exigo Digital always does its homework in finding your business keywords that have high volume and produce conversions yet are reasonably priced. Exact, broad, negative and phrase match allow us to get your product or service even more attention. Exact match is when the user types in the exact phrase you bid on, but broad is when the phrase is slightly different yet the product is the same. Negative keywords prevent your advertisements from showing up when someone types something that could be similar but is not. By doing this we allow you get more relevant website traffic that may lead to conversions, and eliminate the keywords that will only cost you money. Knowing what keywords to bid on is extremely important, but is not the only thing that will impact your Quality Score. A Quality Score is ranked one through ten and depends on the relevancy of factors within the advertisement created. When a consumer searches a phrase Google uses AdWords to determine which ads will be selected, and the ones with the best scores become more likely to be chosen. It includes things such as consistency between your ad to the search query and your ad to its landing page. When all of these factors are aligned you have a recipe for success and your Quality Score will increase. Exigo Digital dissects each component individually to get you the highest possible score, while keeping your advertisement sexy.

So why does this matter? Some of the benefits of having a high score include Google lowering your cost-per click, therefor helping your ROI (Return On Investment). You will have access to popular keywords that you once couldn’t afford for a lower price. Exigo Digital wants you to succeed and having a lower cost-per click is a good way of getting you there. A higher score also means you get higher exposure due to your advertisements being displayed more often and being positioned better within the SERPs. Ranking higher allows potential customers to see your advertisement resulting in more clicks and conversions without you having to bid a higher amount of money for those high-volume keywords.

The shopping network is a feature that was recently added to Google’s SERPs, and provides consumers with a purchasing option that is extremely direct. If you were to go onto Google and search “Red High Heels” multiple pictures of red high heels would appear. These advertisements allow the consumer to see the price, cost, ratings, product and the brand. When you click on it, you are taken either a landing page or website page that gives you the option of buying it now. These types of advertisements are extremely effective, and follow the same criteria as paid search advertising accept they allow the user to visually see your product.

Exigo Digital has the tools and knowledge when it comes to making your company successful through paid search advertising. With our strategy you will be getting the most for your money, and the results will help your business get to the next level.