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Make The Customer’s Decision Easy With Remarketing

Remarketing works by targeting people who have visited your website or mobile app and viewed a desired page, product or abandoned their shopping cart. Once visiting your website, they will see advertisements for your website in hopes that they reconnect with you. Exigo Digital is confident that this type of AdWords marketing will help your business get the conversions you have been looking for.

One of the major benefits to remarketing is having access to people when they are most likely looking for your product or service. Consumers like to explore their options and the first visit might not have persuaded them, but Exigo Digital makes sure the second one will. The catch is they need a reminder and following up gives them a direct lead back to you so they can finalize their purchase. The indecisive or distracted shopper sometimes needs a reminder or a gentle push. We make sure that the advertisement allows consumers to identify your brand by making it relevant to what they were searching and representing the brand identity. The consumer can then either click on the advertisement or act as a reminder to visit your website at a later time. By using AdWords and Google Analytics to complete the remarketing campaign, Exigo Digital can keep track of consumers who added items to their shopping cart and make lists to achieve specific advertising. If a customer was shopping for “black high heels”, we can identify this and remarket for this specific type of shoe.

AdWords remarketing has efficient pricing with automated bid strategy, which can maximize your advertising budget. This feature allows Exigo Digital to create high-performance remarketing campaigns for no additional cost when using Google’s auction. We are able to produce text, video and image ads for free by using AdWords. AdWords also allows us to create customizable ads for your business’s products. These advertisements have the ability to expand your business by reaching customers from all over the country. Exigo Digital runs a variety of tests on these ads to make sure they are effective and will lead to conversions. Remarketing now becomes more direct and efficient than it has ever been before.

Exigo Digital’s remarketing campaigns have the ability to take your business to the next level by targeting potential customers and grabbing those once “almost” conversions. If you are looking for an approach that is aggressive and gets results, remarketing with Exigo Digital is your key to success.