Mobile App Advertising 2018-03-09T10:10:50-04:00

A New Wave: Mobile App Advertising

Mobile App Advertising is an effective strategy to reach your customers that already show an interest in your products or services. With so many different apps out there, it is essential to pick the ones that are able to connect to your business and stand out among other advertisements.

When opening an app, we have all had the advertisement that pops up and we carelessly ignore because it does not pertain to our interests. This is where Exigo Digital starts. We determine what is going to capture an audience to stop thinking intruder, and focus on the actual content. Finding the right placement within the app is another key to success. Research into this channel helps us determine if banner ads create conversions or another styles bring more attention to your website. Once we find the right positioning for your advertisement, we move to the creative side and design your personal advertisement.

The creativity that goes into an advertisement is extremely important in this channel because they are so easy to ignore. Exigo Digital creates advertisements that range from interactive ads to video ads. Since many users will not click, we try to get your brand in their head with a sound or saying that is extremely attractive and fun to say. When the time comes that they do need your product, they will know where to find you. Although we plan for users not to click in some cases, we plan that they will click as well. To ensure the customer journey is successful in this case, creating a smooth landing page or making your website user friendly helps your business get conversions. Exigo Digital is able to monitor your advertisements when they are released so we can give you detailed reports. The price is cheap with these advertisements, therefore giving you some room to explore and get to know the channel.

Mobile App advertising can be extremely difficult without the right tools. Exigo Digital provides you with these tools and guides you in the right direction so you can obtain conversions. If your business is looking to expand itself while staying on a tight budget, look no further.