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Exigo Digital’s 6 Step Workflow Process

One of the questions we get asked by many clients and prospects is where to start, or how to begin an effective digital marketing campaign. Like many things in business it starts with a process. Exigo Digital uses a 6-step workflow process to create a targeted digital marketing campaign that can be used for a variety of efforts and media. This 6-step workflow process can be in depth, or streamlined to fit your needs and objectives.

DISCOVERY | Where are we now?

  • Brand & Commercial Goals
  • Current Performance
  • Customer Insight – Personas, influence
  • Marketplace opportunities
  • Competitor Benchmarking

Since knowledge is power, we begin by doing some homework by learning about your brand goals, and how your business fits into the traditional and digital market place. We also create personas of the target customer and learn what they do online how do they evaluate choices prior to making a purchasing decision.

We also conduct an audit of your current Google Analytics or other web analytic software. If you have or are currently running Google Adwords, we will audit the past performance. We are looking for opportunities, insight and benchmarking your visitors, and the quality of those visitors.

OBJECTIVES | Where do we want to be?

  • Define vision
  • Align Business Goals
  • Select KPI’s
  • Define reporting

After completing the Discovery we can begin to define the vision and align it to your business goals. We evaluate any opportunities we’ve discovered, and begin to define how success will be measured.

How will we define success? This is a very important stage in the overall process. During any marketing campaign we want to identify several indicators that are having an effect in the market place. Together, we will define those indicators and develop reports and schedules to monitor the progress. This in turn will give us the ability to make changes during the campaign.

EDUCATION | What are our possibilities?

  • Understand facts – Create solutions
  • Discover new platforms for reach
  • Validate your marketing message & target audience
  • Weigh success measurements
  • Understand Analytics

Now that we have defined our parameters during the Objective step, we can start to look for solutions. We take the time to educate you about the opportunities; it is our goal to make you an informed consumer. There are always new platforms or techniques to reach customers, however, not all of them will work for your business. Together we will look at what will work best to reach your target audience, and still be supported internally.

During this step we also validate your message and target audience with possible media channels. Is your targeted customer using those media platforms or channels? Can we measure success on those platforms or channels? Since analytical reporting comes in many forms, we have to create a methodology for how we will reconcile them with your Google website analytics. Not just the numbers but also the naming conventions used. This will create a level of transparency when reporting and understanding.

STRATEGY | How do we get there?

  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Positioning and Marketing mix
  • Multichannel Experience
  • Engagement and content strategy

Strategy is a means to an end; it’s the high level take on what we want to accomplish. We want to segment and target particular kinds of customers, and deliver relevant content when needed. Next we define the positioning and marketing mix of how we reach those target customers. Segmenting the target customer will help us to define the multiple channels we will engage with them.

The marketing positioning will help us define how we will engage with the target customer. What kinds of content would be best to provide for a prospect to make an informed decision to purchase from you.

PLAN | What do we need to do to get there?

  • Resource Allocation
  • Editorial Calendar
  • 90 day plan
  • Digital Roadmap
  • Digital Playbook

This is how we are going execute our planning and research. Resources are allocated and the editorial calendar is created. We want to keep the campaign action items and schedule transparent and fluid as the campaign evolves.

Maintaining a 90 day plan we can plan resources more effectively and have the ability to change as the market requires. We will train you on the techniques and platforms to make you more nimble and informed. The Digital Roadmap is just that a roadmap it’s to be used as a guide. We can always look for new opportunities as the campaign develops.

CONTROL | How do we monitor performance and remain proactive?

  • Prioritized Actions
  • Reporting platforms
  • Process reviews
  • Adjustments

After the campaigns are running we want to validate all of our tactics and make adjustments as needed. After reviewing the reporting and all the KPI’s we prioritize our next steps. During this step we also review our processes and workflow to fine tune them to be more efficient.

Lastly we make adjustments as needed to messaging, locations, targets and platforms. We repeat this step every month, to keep all the marketing teams informed and the desired results achieved or exceeded.