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Reconnect with Customers Through Email Marketing

Whether you want to build an email marketing campaign from the ground up or find the holes in your current campaign and fix them, Exigo Digital is here to help. Email marketing can be extremely successful if you find a company that is forceful yet organized in their efforts.

As a business you want to keep your customers loyal, and a great way to accomplish this is creating an email marketing campaign to achieve brand awareness. Customer retention, or keeping your customers devoted to your specific brand, can be achieved through this strategy. Many times customers will purchase your product and absolutely love it. They go on with their daily lives until they need another one, then they begin their search again. Even though they loved your product, they may want to look around because you’re brand is not fresh in their mind. Email marketing steps in and completely avoids this from happening because they will click on your email or keep you in their mind while they search for the product or enter their email. Involving potential customers who we want to draw in, we place emails and advertisements in their inbox based on what is relevant to their searches. By pinpointing our targets, we are able to save you money, and better yet get you more loyal customers.

When you invest in email marketing, Exigo Digital shows you the data retrieved from the amount of return on an investment and the investment’s cost. ROI give you an idea of your profitability within email marketing by using calculations. By doing this for your business you can decide whether or not you want to invest in this specific strategy or follow through with another investment. If you choose to push through with the email marketing campaign, we can compare the results to see if we need to make adjustments or if another marketing strategy would benefit you more. Our calculation for this includes: Return on Investment= Net Income / Investment.

Exigo Digital uses ROI and customer retention as our basis for email marketing, but some other areas we focus on within this strategy include:

We meet your personal goals by:
• Strong Anti-Spam Policy
• Direct and Interactive Emails
• Resolving Delivery Issues
• Updating Email Lists
• Keeping Customers Up-to-Date
• Providing Detailed Data to You

Email marketing has the ability to keep your customers loyal and draw in new consumers in order to keep your business successful. Although we strongly believe in this method we let you choose by giving you options and information to make the right decision for your business. If you follow through with an email marketing campaign, we stand by you the entire way and make sure you have the tools to win the race.