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Let Us Help You Reach Your Customers

Direct customer advertising targets your customers based on your interactions with them. This strategy is extremely successful because we are able to predict your customers’ needs based on past experiences. Exigo Digital makes this task easy for you by organizing your existing customer list and targeting them with attractive advertisements that fit their interests and needs.

Exigo Digital Marketing offers our clients a service that is organized and efficient when it comes to direct customer advertising. Whether you have a list of existing customers or need us to create one, we are here to help. When identifying who these customers are we create a list of different campaigns to target them such as remarketing or email inbox marketing. By taking this approach we are able to personal your marketing and make your product or service readily available to customers.

The customer journey is another important factor within direct customer marketing and Exigo Digital tackles this issue by creating landing pages, strong CTA buttons and an efficient website. We pull your customers in by using savvy words that are relevant to their previous transactions. Another way we are able to directly target customers is by identifying products customers were interested in when visiting your website. When a consumer adds an item to their shopping cart but does not finish their transaction, we are able to identify this and target them with our offers.

Exigo Digital focuses on the details when it comes to direct customer advertising and ensure that your existing customers remain loyal to your business. With your name fresh in their minds they will return to you for their needs and your business will begin to see the positive results.