Social Media

Social Media is always changing, honestly it’s more about planning and doing your homework. It’s the best way to keep in touch with your loyal customers.

Utilizing Social Media for Introductions

Before I dive in, allow me to be slightly anecdotal. Back in 2007, I was a marketing associate for a large corporation; my focus was lead generation and how to refine the process of nurturing current leads. At the time, social media was innovative. Facebook was around but was at the stage of being an advanced [...]

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Exigo Digital Hosts HSMC

Exigo Digital Marketing’s (#ExigoDM)( Alan Brocious (@AlanBr82) was excited and pleased to host the Harrisburg Social Media Club (#hbgsmc)on Wednesday in his York offices.  Following the typical greetings and exchanging of business cards, Ann Deeter Gallaher (@AnneDGallaher), CEO  of Deeter Gallaher Group and co-author of Women In High Gear, kicked off the meeting by asking [...]

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