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Digital marketing is not an easy thing to keep on, we try to provide you with clear advice and ideas.

Why isn’t your business using Email Marketing?

Email marketing isn't anything new and has been much maligned and looked down on by most marketers. However, it is one of the best was to keep in contact with current customers and prospects. Kait wrote in November called "eCommerce's Secrete Weapon" there are several charts and explanations why it's a great tool. Please, take the [...]

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Programmatic Media Buying vs Traditional Media Buying

There are a lot of questions about the use and effectiveness of programmatic media buying in the digital space. Concerns range from viewability, brand safety, effectiveness and ROI, see the chart below from The issue between programmatic media buying vs traditional media buying starts to be more clear. Top Concerns and How They're Related [...]

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eCommerce’s Secret Weapon

If your business sells products online, there's a good chance that you are underutilizing a very powerful tool, email marketing. Unfortunately, I'm not about to unveil the next best piece of software. I'm talking about something that's been around since the 70s... email. And no, I'm not talking about your weekly or monthly newsletter [...]

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Why Your Business Needs a Digital Strategy

As technology becomes more advanced, so do customer’s expectations for how a business should perform digitally. Creation of a digital strategy is not a list of to-do's it's goals that can be measured and tracked. Different channels are constantly being created and if you are not staying up to date you essentially are losing time, [...]

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