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Digital marketing is not an easy thing to keep on, we try to provide you with clear advice and ideas.

Why Your Business Needs a Digital Strategy

As technology becomes more advanced, so do customer’s expectations for how a business should perform digitally. Creation of a digital strategy is not a list of to-do's it's goals that can be measured and tracked. Different channels are constantly being created and if you are not staying up to date you essentially are losing time, [...]

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Marketing Integration Essentials

Organization and Consistency Digital Marketing can be complex because there are so many different ways to express who you are to your customers. From landing pages to email lists, your message may begin to become blurred. Customers want to know about your services and why but begin to overdo it to the point that there [...]

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Exigo Digital Marketing Internship

My name is Steffi Sampson and I am currently studying Human Communication at Shippensburg University. Within this major, I have had the opportunity to perform different research studies involving communication, enroll in public speaking seminars, learn how to properly set up presentations to fit a variety of different contexts, and also establish myself as a [...]

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