Digital Marketing Strategy

Planning a marketing strategy is never easy now you need a digital marketing strategy, learn how to bring them together.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Implementing digital advertising strategies are one of our bread-and-butter services that we offer to our clients. In doing so, we get to hear a facet of assumptions, hearsay, horror stories and the like. Generally speaking, for small to medium size businesses who have either 1) never tried digital advertising, or 2) have tried and failed [...]

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Digital Marketing Strategy Development: Part 3 of 3

This is the last of our series on creating a digital marketing strategy.  The first segment of the series we discussed how strategy is a process--not the management of your website and social channels. We also covered customer segments, ideation and messages to those segments in the second part of the strategy series. In this segment, [...]

Is ROI an Excuse?

Prior to my career as a marketer I was an accountant. Yes, I was that guy that only looked at the numbers and gave you a hard time about your expense report. One of my favorite stories from those days was about ROI when dealing with the sales and marketing teams. Budgets are tight; new [...]

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