The web has changed advertising has change dramatically over the past few years, really its only the channel not the message.

Google Adword 5pecialist Certification

We are proud to announce that Kaitlan VanDuzer is officially a Google AdWords 5pecialist! She has successfully completed the AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Shopping Advertising Exams. In addition, Kait is certified in Google Analytics and was part of the Google Allstars winning team. "Becoming an AdWords 5pecialist not [...]

Google AdWords Mobile Advertising Certification

Google AdWords Mobile Advertising Certification Google AdWords recently released a new certification in Mobile Advertising. It's no surprise that mobile usage is increasing exponentially. In fact, 84% of smartphone owners use search engines on desktops and tablets, but a whopping 88% use search engines on their smartphones. Exigo Digital is proud to display this [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Implementing digital advertising strategies are one of our bread-and-butter services that we offer to our clients. In doing so, we get to hear a facet of assumptions, hearsay, horror stories and the like. Generally speaking, for small to medium size businesses who have either 1) never tried digital advertising, or 2) have tried and failed [...]

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Acura and Sid Vicious

Recently Acura began a new campaign for the TLX 2015 model; they using the song "My way" the Sid Vicious version (not to be confused with Frank Sinatra's). In the interest of full disclosure, growing up  I was a big Sex Pistols fan and had all of their albums. Sid Vicious was punk rock royalty and [...]

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A/B and Multi-Variant Testing

Which of these is clearer?  This one or this one?  A or B?  If you've ever been to the eye doctor you understand the concept of A/B testing.  A/B testing your website isn't much different.  On your website, a page may appear to be well-designed but it might just need a little tweak here or [...]

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