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Exigo Digital’s Bid Strategy Options Can Help Your Business Climb To The Top

Almost every established market contains large companies that dominate SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and can afford to spend an endless amount of money on their bidding strategies. The keywords that they spend money on are just too expensive to fit within your budget and leave you asking the question: How can I compete in this competitive keyword market if I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend every day? Exigo Digital answers this question with our Bid Strategy options.

Let’s start with how keywords play a part in this. When a person searches a keyword a variety of advertisements and links come up on the screen. This gives them an assortment of options to choose from. These specific links and advertisements are displayed because of keywords that companies pay for. Being a smaller company within the market it becomes hard to find keywords that have a high volume, but yet a low cost per click. Although this method of advertising can take you to the next level, it is impossible to invest the amount of money that big business spends. Some of these keywords cost $20.00 just for one click and there is no promise that it will lead to a conversion. This is where Bid Strategy Options come into play by finding ways to maneuver around the expensive clicks, yet still getting you those keywords that have a high volume and will result in conversions.

There are so many directions to go with this strategy, but we like to start with your customers. The budget is divided based on what devices, such as mobile or desktop, customers are using and understanding where your customers are coming from demographically. Another aspect we identify is what time of day or week customers are most likely to be searching for your product or service so we can target them during these peaks. All this information is essential to staying within the budget and making our marketing efforts successful. Next, we go onto looking at keywords and how we will use your money to get your website traffic. Volume based optimization allows us to identify words that are getting a lot of attention and stay away from ones that have zero volume. Our strategy lies within the middle of ridiculously expensive keywords and free keywords that serve no purpose. By not spending all of your money on one word we are able to scatter your money in different places. A measuring tool allows us to monitor your success with certain keywords and adjust accordingly. Some words may be attracting traffic but not leading to any conversions, and this is where monitoring becomes important. Although there are some consistencies in keywords people are constantly searching new terms and when a new term forms the cost per click is low giving your business an opportunity it cannot pass up.

Bid strategy options are extremely competitive within markets and finding those keywords that boost conversions can become a dangerous game. Exigo Digital’s focus on remaining within the budget, expanding keywords and monitoring progress allows us to get you ahead and stay there without breaking the bank.