Achieving and Maintaining the Google Partner Badge

Achieving and Maintaining the Google Partner Badge 2018-03-08T11:58:06-04:00

Exigo Digital Marketing’s goal is to provide our customers with the best marketing strategies possible, and that is why we have earned the Google Partner Badge. This badge shows that we have established knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products that help us deliver the best marketing opportunities to our clients. Our team has gone through training and has been certified by Google to help clients like you, achieve their marketing goals. As a Google partner, Exigo Digital Marketing can help your business improve its campaign as a whole.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows us to create an advertisement for your service that gets your business’s name out in the digital marketing world. First, we start with an attractive, bold phrase that directly tells people what your service offers, and then find keywords that are commonly used by potential customers when searching for your service. Exigo Digital Marketing does research into these keywords to ensure that your advertisements will be successful. Once a potential customer types in these keywords in the search bar, your ad will appear at the top of the page. The customer will then click on your ad, and it will take them to your website or landing page that can we create, with all of your information. One of the best parts about Google AdWords is that you will only pay when they do. Daily budgets for clicks are available, and there are several testings’ that are done to ensure that your ad is attractive and brings in revenue.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics give us the ability to measure your ROI and track what is working for your business, or what is not. We get statistics that show us what drives potential customers to your site and use this to our advantage. Each company is different, so understanding which steps to take to get you to your marketing goal is essential. For the areas that are not efficient, we find them and turn them to produce a positive outcome. By using Google Analytics, we eliminate the guessing games and are able to determine what works, or what doesn’t work in a short amount of time. This saves you money, and helps you reach your marketing goal without spending the extra money.

Our Certified Team

Kaitlan Brocious, Vice President of digital operations, successfully completed the AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Shopping Advertising exams. She is now a Google AdWords 5pecialist, and has knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products that helps Exigo Digital Marketing deliver their customers the results they are looking for.

Alan Brocious, CEO and Founder of Exigo Digital, is certified in Google Analytics and AdWords. He has 14+ years’ experience with Google and has used it to provide his customers with a quality experience in marketing. He manages all of the data we receive from our advertisements and decodes it so we can improve our strategies. Alan also uses Google Analytics to stay up to date on other competitors so we can understand what is working within a specific market, and use this to our advantage.