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Who are we?What is Digital Marketing?

Exigo Digital is digital marketing and advertising agency that makes the complex simple and easy to understand. We not only use your business goals to develop a strategy, we also develop tactics and action items for implementation. Finally providing transparent reporting designed for making informed business decisions based on your goals and strategies.

That’s what makes us different from your traditional marketing or advertising agency.

Things that scare us:

  1. Autopilot – Programmatic Media Buying
  2. Status quo
  3. Sprints in the pitch dark

We will push the envelope. We are not afraid to fail, since every failure is a learning experience.

A litte history…

Exigo Digital Marketing was founded in 2010 and is a full-service digital marketing agency providing Digital Strategies, SEM (PPC) Campaign Management, Customer Retention and Organic Promotion services along with Social Media marketing, reputation management and of course SEO (search engine optimization). We are Google Partners and certified in Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Search, Google Display Network and Google Shopping.

Our motto is, “Performance Matters.” Our approach pairs a metrics-rich methodology with an understanding of our clients’ business goals and challenges. We combine a deep expertise across industries, smart use of automation and efficient use of analytics and testing to aid in data-driven decision-making. Our main focus is to generate high quality prospects that lead to quantifiable revenue for our clients. We take the time to explain the work we are performing, report on the success and suggest improvements to the overall campaign. Taking the time to educate “you” the client will only improve your marketing success.

Our industry expertise lies within financial, e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, health and fitness, consumer beauty, industrial, destination and entertainment for medium and small businesses. Serving the greater Mid-Atlantic region, based in York, PA strategically located between Harrisburg, Baltimore and Philadelphia.