Why isn’t your business using Email Marketing?

Why isn’t your business using Email Marketing?

Elements of email marketingEmail marketing isn’t anything new and has been much maligned and looked down on by most marketers. However, it is one of the best was to keep in contact with current customers and prospects. Kait wrote in November called “eCommerce’s Secrete Weapon” there are several charts and explanations why it’s a great tool. Please, take the time to read over it after you’ve read this of course 😉 . Over the years we’ve found many marketers just do not understand email marketing or are unwilling to take the time to make it work. This blog post is not supposed to be the end all be all “how to” guide but more of a “go team!”.

Here are some reasons we hear for not doing email marketing:

  1. People never open those, I know I don’t
  2. We tried a few campaigns a long time ago but it never worked
  3. We don’t know what to say in the emails
  4. Who has time to create them
  5. Our email list is to small to be effective

Those are excuses, digging deeper into the “real reason” it’s typically the same thing. How do we get started and keep it going?

Where is the best place to start?

Select a service like, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or Drip. Here is a list of the top seven reviewed to help you make the best choice. Select a service that has the ability to link directly with your CRM software. Not using CRM software? We would suggest thinking long and hard about integrating one into your sales and marketing efforts. This will help you segment your list and take your email to the next level with drip campaigns along with other advance techniques. After you have selected the best service for you business and uploaded your list no matter the size, then you are ready for the next step. Also remember when loading your list, try your best to have at least their first name. After all who wants to receive an email addressed like “Dear {FirstName}”.

Planning your Email Marketing

Now comes the fun part and most time consuming. It’s not so much the amount work but more hurry up and wait. Even if you only have a hundred try to send several emails over the next month at different times of the day. To help speed things along we’ve noticed for most our clients that Thursdays at 10am is the sweet spot. There are times that discount offers best times are over lunch between 11:30 and 1:30. You will have to run some test to what is best for you business.

Next, create an editorial calendar for your emails for better planning and tracking. Select topics that will help sell your product or service it now always about what is trending for search. There might be a special holiday offer or you are selling a service or variation to existing customers to generate sales now. When you segment your lists into existing customers from prospects you can target more efficiently to get the results you are looking for. Existing customers may want to know about the next version or techniques to get the most of what they purchased. In the case of a sales prospect may want to know more about your company and why your product or service is a better choice.

Don’t bombard your list with with emails or special offers on a daily basis. Start slow, try once a week then maybe go to two times a week. You may want to send one email to everyone on your list, then another just to prospects and a separate one targeted to existing customers.  When you make your schedule insure you always have something of value for the person reading it. Try not to be discouraged if you have unsubscribes or marked as spam, worry more about clicks and the 2nd click. This is not the time for knee jerk reactions, stay the course and look for trends, then make improvements to your subjects and content.

Perseverance is the key to success

It sounds cliché but in this case it really is true. The biggest reasons we see email marketing fail is because it’s never had a chance to succeed. Think of it this way, in the 1st grade you weren’t expected to know trigonometry just after you learned how to add and subtract. You had to build, learn, adjust and grow, your email marketing is the same way.

Somethings we did not cover is how to grow your list. This is when Social Media marketing helps and always have something of value to offer, like a calculator sheet or white paper. The best way to grow the list is to have your customers added and prospects from trade shows. Bottom line, be creative, don’t limit yourself and always think of what you want the recipient to do.



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