5 Reasons Why an Annual Digital Assessment is Healthy

5 Reasons Why an Annual Digital Assessment is Healthy

Our natural born instincts are to first, assess a situation, then take action.

Take for example, a child crying hysterically. You wouldn’t immediately throw him in the car and head to the ER (at least I hope not). No, instead you assess. What could have happened? Why is he crying? You check the surroundings for clues. Then you gather facts and act accordingly. Bleeding? Some hugs, a kiss or two and a Band-Aid.

Marketing should be approached in the same manner.

When we onboard new clients, that are starting from a baseline of zero, have switched from a previous management team, or are updating strategies, we always assess their digital efforts, past and present, first.

Here’s why we think a Digital Assessment is a healthy kick starter:

  1. Errors + Issues
    These are items that require immediate attention. Why? They are bad for UX, bad for SEO, and bad for your brand. This includes 404s, broken links & images and website malfunctions. This may seem to fall in the ‘Captain Obvious’ category, but we’ve seen a lot of negligence. Don’t let these guys snowball.
  2. Conversations
    Do you know what’s being said in your industry? Or better, do you know what’s being said about your brand? When diving deep into the details of small conversations, you can start to pick up on consumer needs and industry shortcomings. Take it one step further; find areas where you can actively participate in the conversation. When you are present and engage in industry discussions, you will establish a level of trust while positioning your brand as an industry advisor.
  3. Market + Industry Evolution
    The market changes daily and your competition can change right along with it. But, how are you doing? Are you evolving, too? Analyzing your industry is a great place to benchmark your products, service offerings, and pricing. This phase generally raises a lot of questions for the company.
  4. Roadmap Planning
    The buzzword that makes us cringe: strategy. While it is overused, it’s crucial to business development. But before you can update (or create) your strategy, you should absolutely perform a Digital Assessment. Evaluate where you’ve been, how you’ve performed and stack yourself up next to your top 3 competitors, over the past 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.
  5. Growth Opportunities
    This is our favorite part of performing a Digital Assessment. This is when we complete the puzzle. Combining all the elements we’ve discovered, we can take a step back to look at the big picture.

You may find a niche to start a new product line, or an opportunity to restructure your product offerings. Whatever it may be, you’re now prepared to make informed decisions. There’s no longer a need for guesswork.

How often should a Digital Assessment be done? We recommend every 6 months to one year.

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