Is SEO still a thing?

Is SEO still a thing?

SEO site structure

There has been so many changes to Google’s algorithm like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and not to mention Mobile. What’s a business to do and how to keep up with the changes? One of the things I’ve learned in business and life is you an only change what you can control.  Google is very much out our control. That being the case is SEO real or just another agency buzz word? Sure SEO is real but in reality it’s more about targeting and understanding structure. Sure SERP’s for targeted keywords or phrases are important, you want to rank for what will get you traffic and customers.

What to do

Let’s breakdown SEO into a two step process, technical and artistic. The technical side of SEO needs to be completed first otherwise the artistic style points you may receive will go unnoticed.  Run your own audit using a tool like SEMRush to identify technical areas that need work. Another free tool from Google is the Search Console, it will also tell you how you rank for keywords and phrases and how your rankings have changed. Search Engine Optimization is not just about getting ranked but it also has to get you noticed. When you run audits it’s very important to look at the meta descriptions and remove any duplications. The meta description is something you can control, Google uses this in your organic listing for a given search. Yes, SEO is in some ways is “King Of The Hill” but before you play the game you have to be ready. Look at the competition and size up the hill then create the game plan.

5 SEO things to check:

  1. Page crawl errors – Can the Google crawler even see your page. Remember to check for desktop and mobile, yes they are different.
  2. Updated Sitemap.xml – Very simple to create, makes it easier for spiders and crawlers to index.
  3. Meta descriptions – Duplicate meta descriptions are one of the most common errors, make the description sell.
  4. Search Analytics – The Google Search Console has the ability to document what phrases you rank, how many times have you been shown, how many times a person has clicked and CTR. If you rank well and have a low CTR doesn’t matter if you are on page 1 or 101.
  5. Structured Data ( – More complex but will really help you rank for what your business is about. Learn more a and Google’s structured data.

SEO also has an artistic side, you know what your business does and what your selling proposition is but how to tell others? There are some basics but the first thing is to break away from the standard brochure style of content. You know the questions prospects and leads ask you now take those questions and answers then develop content. Use industry keywords and less internal keywords for products and services. At this point don’t waste time identifying keywords and phrases, use the keywords you hear your prospects and customers using. Keeping it simple is key to get the process started, we aren’t talking about blogs or case studies but just raw content about your products and services. Developing trust is the most important thing, you can drill down on keywords later.

Create a content plan and organize your plugins and website coding. Clean website code is happy SEO code, and updating content will be easier as well. Always keep in mind you can only control what you can control, your content and structure you can control not Google.

If you want to learn more please feel free to contact us we would be happy to give you free site assessment.

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