Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

We all have gone on the internet in search of a specific product that we need, purchasing it or another that was similar. Why do we choose one over the other? This is where the customer journey comes in and examines what choices the buyer has made before purchasing the product. Marketers need to understand that you cannot get conversions where you desire them if you do not first map out your customer journey.

There are many steps in this process and a lot of different ways to determine what works best, but since each business is different the path is not linear. The customer journey  is not liner so it comes in a variety of different patterns.  It becomes more about making sure there is a logical pattern that leads to conversion. The process, we must identify who you are targeting and how you are communicating with them. Different channels give you the option to make your marketing campaign broad or focus on one target, while the message remains consistent. The way you target these customers will be based on their demographics and other features, so they have to conform to their needs. Each person may be looking for shoes, but they are coming from all different channels. Some may make a direct purchase, but others may look in different categories before they make their purchase.

CTA or Call To Action is an important feature to have on each individual page to make sure that the customer completes their purchase or maybe several. Once they take this step, your job is to make is easy for them to navigate so they can browse or return to their original interest. Each step you use within your campaign must align with each other and be easy to use. If you have one flaw it can set you up for disaster.

An example may be two people who go into a store. One person goes to dress shirts, pick one out and completes their transaction. The other walks around the entire store analyzing each department and browsing through price tags. They then go back to the original dress shirt to make the purchase. Both customers may have had same background, but the way they make their purchase is far from linear. This is why each department, or page needs to have a strong CTA and show consistency as they navigate.

If the customer who was browsing got lost and couldn’t find the route back to the original dress shirt or there was no price tag. They most likely have left the store and traveled somewhere else to purchase. Exigo Digital forms their marketing around the target, and uses a measuring tool to analyze the exact choices customers are making on your website or click on your advertisement. We can make improvements to the areas that are lacking convenience or change the marketing effort entirely. This not only helps us in the long run, but also to set you up from the beginning to succeed.

Digital advertisements are here to stay, and can get your business on the map if they are used correctly. Many marketers focus strictly on the advertisement, but when the customer takes that first click it is usually their last.

Customer Journey Mapping Tools

• Landing pages
• Message Matching
• A/B testing
• Google Analytics
• Website reconstruction
• Remarketing
• Strong CTA
• Mobile Friendly Website

These are just some of the digital marketing and advertising tactics we use to achieve your overall marketing strategy.

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