Boost Your Mobile SEO Ranking with Google AMP

Boost Your Mobile SEO Ranking with Google AMP

 What is Google AMP? And do I REALLY need it?

According to Google, more than 50% of internet searches globally take place on a mobile device. On top of this, the average mobile page takes at least 8 seconds to show content and 40% of users will abandon any website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So Google developed “Accelerated Mobile Pages” AMP for short. It’s not really new but now it really matters, learn more about Google AMP.


Mobile browsing is more popular now than it has ever been. Having a mobile friendly site is no longer being ahead of the game, it is the game. Companies that do not partake in this marketing opportunity have a good chance of falling off the grid. Google AMP HTML provides Exigo Digital a simple, yet effective way to create mobile websites without all of the unnecessary functions. Customers will be using a small screen and want their information displayed in an organized manner.

This is exactly what Google AMP provides customers, and makes your page’s load even faster. Viewers are looking at is actually an HTML document and does not include any third-party scripts such as Java. These third-party scripts are what creates performance issues and complicates mobile pages as a whole. Pictures along with other features that go unnoticed by customers are minimized as well. Speed is an important factor when it comes to mobile performance and will inevitably lead to more conversions. AMP HTML can increase a pages speed up to 85%, and that is what will keep customers locked on your page. Exigo Digital prefers to use AMP HTML due to its simplicity and ability to take clients to a whole new level. To create your mobile website or other marketing strategy we use use WordPress plug in. We have found this to be the most organized and efficient tool to use when it comes to building mobile pages. Mobile advertising has established itself as being essential, but AMP takes it to another level and allows your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking to soar above others.

Google AMP Advertising

Google AMP carousals where recently created by Google to add an attractive, colorful touch to search pages. To find this feature simply search a term such as donuts into your mobile device. Directly below the paid advertisements is where the scroll bar filled with pictures and articles is located. Using scroll bars allow viewers to be drawn in with exciting images giving users a new way to get information. They can scroll horizontally through information such as news, blogs, articles, etc. A new wave of competition with paid searches just above organic results.

The result: searchers are ignoring what is directly below and focusing on paid search advertisements. Google has made this more competitive because your positioning is now essential to you getting website traffic. Top few positions will be more likely to get clicked on however, below there is a good chance the searcher will not even see your website link. Carousal advertisements load four times faster than normal mobile websites, therefore less searchers are discouraged by loading time. It’s now more important to create mobile friendly websites and ads for your position to climb. The carousal feature becomes more popular, more potential customers will be distracted away from your page resulting in the searches being more competitive. Exigo Digital can help you solve this problem by created paid search advertisements and putting you ahead of these flashy ads. We also help your positioning so therefore you can be directly below the carousals where searchers can still see your website.

Google AMP HTML and advertising is taking over the mobile web, and there is a good reason for it. Technology is always improving and businesses need to stay up to date to ensure that they are reaching customers. Exigo Digital offers its customers tools that help make your business reach its digital marketing goals, and that is why we use Google’s AMP to help us get you to the next level.

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