Marketing Integration Essentials

Marketing Integration Essentials

Organization and Consistency

Digital Marketing can be complex because there are so many different ways to express who you are to your customers. From landing pages to email lists, your message may begin to become blurred. Customers want to know about your services and why but begin to overdo it to the point that there is no specific message being communicated. This is when customers start to withdraw and focus on another service that is more direct. Exigo Digital’s Marketing Integration can help your company show consistency across channels and reinforce the brand’s ultimate message.

There is one thing we see on a weekly basis companies do not implement a marketing integration plan. A website should be the backbone of your company’s online activity,  what your services are and why. Online marketing should work to promote your product or service with the message, in an effort to get your potential customer back to your website to make a purchase. This is where everything can go wrong if you did not first develop an integrated marketing plan and organize your digital marketing strategy. Your company should communicate different offers, but remain consistent at the same time. There are different channels of communication that are available for you to use, so different campaigns may be established. Although they are digital, each one needs to be approached differently because the target may use them differently. An example of this is someone who searches athletic shoes in a search bar and another person who is on Facebook and notices an athletic shoe sale on the side of the page. Customer A, directly searching for shoes is going to take a completely different approach versus Customer B who is on a completely different different platform. The message of who you are and what you offer needs to be consistent within both, yet completely different. Knowing the different platforms and keeping your message consistent throughout the process can become difficult if you do not first implement a Marketing Integration plan.

The Solution

At Exigo Digital we believe that Marketing Integration goes hand in hand with creating a Digital Strategy.
Creating your companies Digital Strategy involves answering these questions in depth:

– Where are we now?
– Where do we need to be?
– What are our possibilities?
– How do we get there?
– What do we need to get there?
– How do we monitor performance?

Part of any Digital Strategy, there needs to be a Integrated Marketing Plan to insure nothing falls between the cracks. Your website serves the backbone and all of our advertisements reflect it, while also keeping your offer consistent. Exigo Digital opens you to new channels of digital communication so every customer is targeted. We eliminate the confusion by creating landing pages. After the clients click on the advertisement they are taken to a page that resembles the original advertisement. Landing pages have to mirror the original advertisement, it should also guide the customer. You want them to take action and provide a better understanding of your company. We also use text match to keep the customer confident that they are getting the correct product or service. To make sure that your digital experience is successful we perform A/B testing your ad and landing page. This ensures your advertisements are attractive, and use your money wisely getting your results. Our Analytics Specialist is able to track your companies positioning and monitors the potential customer’s choices as they navigate your website. If there is a section of your website that strays from your company’s message, we work with you to improve it or seek other options.

Your company’s message is important at Exigo Digital, therefore we set you up for success by making your digital experience a direct and consistent one across all channels. A majority of companies skip the Digital Strategy all together and this is where we outperform. Our team works hard to cover all areas to ensure that your business’s authenticity is expressed and every goal is met within digital marketing.

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