Exigo Digital Marketing Internship

Exigo Digital Marketing Internship


My name is Steffi Sampson and I am currently studying Human Communication at Shippensburg University. Within this major, I have had the opportunity to perform different research studies involving communication, enroll in public speaking seminars, learn how to properly set up presentations to fit a variety of different contexts, and also establish myself as a professional communicator. I chose this major because I have a passion for working with individuals in order to satisfy their needs. Understanding what the public’s interests are involves communication, and this is what has led me to pursue an internship in marketing.

Exigo Digital Marketing was my first choice because of their dedication to their clients and positive attitudes. Through this internship, I hope to better my creative writing skills, learn how to navigate a variety of different programs, and become more familiar with marketing as a whole. My future goals after this internship comes to an end include, graduating from Shippensburg University with a bachelor’s degree in Human Communication in December 2016, and moving to Florida with my two dogs in hopes of finding a job within the marketing field.

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