High Speed, Low Drag to be More Mobile Friendly

High Speed, Low Drag to be More Mobile Friendly

In the military we had a saying, “High Speed, Low Drag”, meaning be fast and don’t do or bring anything that will drag you down. A lot has been written about Google’s new ‘Mobile Or Else’ algorithm causing many to use their mobile friendly checker. This is a great place to start however it’s not really the whole story. Speed is the important change, not just the responsive design; your site speed is part of the user experience. Part of being mobile friendly is being fast, so don’t bring any baggage, or in other words, “High Speed, Low Drag”.

In order to test your site for speed and mobile friendliness, your site should use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This is one of the best ways to test your whole site or individual pages within your site. PageSpeed Insights will give you a more clear view of your pages for mobile and desktop. For mobile devices, it will give you a score of how mobile friendly your website’s pages are and if not, how to fix them. You’ll get a score from 0 to 100 for all things tested. Some are weighted more than others, but if they are in red you should try and address them immediately. Most of the time, simply optimizing images will increase your score. Once you have fulling optimized your website’s images, then worry about scripts and code issues – as they can be much more complicated.

Another great test of site speed is Google Analytics, you can read more about it here. Site speed has three points it covers:

  1. page load time
  2. execution speed and
  3. how quickly can a browser parse the information.

Using Google Analytics, you can see how your site speed changes during the course of a day. This is helpful if you are planning to upgrade your server hosting or it can provide insight if you should look for another hosting service. You can have the most efficient site in the world, but if it’s on a slow server, you will still have speed issues.

Why is site speed and mobile friendliness important? The same reason we spend hours and hours perfecting our websites, our content, our products and our services; it’s all for the end consumer. It’s imperative that the user experience is informative, helpful and fast. Fast to understand our company, fast to find information and fast to load. Yes, Google has made site speed and mobile friendliness part of another algorithm, but why? Because they are forcing us to serve our potential consumers in the most efficient, effective way possible.

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