Exigo Hits 5 Years in Business

Exigo Hits 5 Years in Business

With Exigo reaching it’s 5th birthday, we decided to sit down with CEO, Alan Brocious, for some Q&A about the digital space and industries on the rise.

Exigo is 5! What have you learned?

How fast things change in the digital world; not only the technology but the strategy and execution is always evolving. Our team has a running joke, ‘as soon as we master something, it’s already changed.’

Additionally, it’s been our observation that most businesses find it difficult to keep up with latest technology and techniques with internal their staff. One of our highest revenues for us is training. We’ll perform training seminars about digital marketing where we briefly cover the basics and walk them through real-life examples.

What’s the biggest misconception about digital advertising?

Advertising is not only about the ads; it’s about the landing pages, the campaign focus (objective), the analytics. In the end, the ad is only a cog in the machine, the second click is the most important. Great! You’ve got a customer to click on your ad, but now what?

What industry have we had the highest ROI with?

The medical field, particularly gerontology.

What industry do you think has the most potential for growth digitally over the next 12 months?

The medical industry. It’s been underutilized for searching for employees – and as a gateway for customer service. As the economy grows and the boomers retire, the need for qualified employees will only increase. Generally speaking, the medical industry has been somewhat skittish with advertising, mainly because of all the legalities involved. With that being said, we are starting to notice more advantageous methods with facilities and groups.

As the technology continues to advance, what are you preparing Exigo for over the next year?

Utilizing data. Big data is currently the fad; but there’s more than just collecting it. What are you doing with it after you have a massive database? “Big Data” is a relative term. For some businesses, big data for them is measured in Megs or Gigs of data. Those are the businesses that need to mine it the most to gain a competitive advantage.

What has been your biggest victory?

In 2013, we became a Google Partner. In the same year we won a competition based on ad spend and campaign performance; Google paid for our agency to fly out to their California campus for a 3-day conference.

Where do you see Exigo in the next 12 months?

Currently, we are researching and testing new ad platforms, networks and various targeting methods. We feel its important to present our clients with the most innovative ways to advertise to their prospective customers.

Internally, Exigo will be adding more employees as we continue to grow; we are currently accepting applications for various positions. Part of Exigo’s differentiation includes not becoming a full-service marketing agency. There are elements that we choose to leave to those who are good at it, for example; traditional marketing. We stick to what we know, and that’s digital.

What are you currently reading?

Big Data, Big Analytics and Seven Strategy Questions

Long traveling – what are your go-to podcasts?

The Bean Cast and Marketing Over Coffee

What’s the industry you’re dying to tap into in 2015?

Sporting goods. I would consider myself an athletic person; sporting goods would be an industry that I could relate to while contributing ideas and experience deriving from my passion for physical activity.

What’s one thing you want people to know about Exigo that they don’t.

I would have to begin answering that question with a weakness; we have not been an agency that heavily invests in our own PR. I think our agency’s experience often times gets overlooked. We have worked on a wide range of industries, created and developed numerous websites and applications for small and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Exigo has very diverse clients. We are hired for many purposes: to solve problems, reach new audiences, start from scratch or help translate a traditional strategy into a digital strategy.

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