We Needed a Fresh Start

We Needed a Fresh Start

Over the past couple of months, we have heard some scuttlebutt about our website and our offerings. Things like,

I looked at your website, but I couldn’t really figure out what your company does.

or, our favorite,

We thought you only did PPC.

The feedback was a little disheartening, but it opened our eyes to our core services and the structure of our website.

So with that, we owe you, our clients, our prospects and our competitors (haha) an apology for being vague.

Where We Push Our Sleeves Up

With launching a new website, we thought it would be appropriate to show you where we work. We are located in the ‘west wing’ of the Barton Engineering Building, which is the North Building in the Susquehanna Commerce Center off of Philadelphia Street in York, PA.

Our space isn’t fancy, we have thoughts dangling from our cubicle walls, tons of natural light, a coffee machine (which probably runs more than it should) and a private conference room in the corner of our space. What else could we need?

Our Specialities

We want to be clear about what we do. We want you to know what we are fantastic at. The biggest hole that agencies can fall into is “Yeah, we can do that.” The caveat to that? Generally speaking, its ineffective and unprofitable for all parties.

Which led us to ask ourselves, how do we not become the agency that ‘does everything’? What is our expertise; where should we place our focus?

As Exigo Digital moves into 2015, our focuses will be:

  1. Digital Strategies
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Organic Promoting
  4. Retaining Customers

Digital Strategies
We have a passion for building digital campaigns from start to finish while integrating and analyzing traditional efforts. We’ll never stop saying, ‘Performance Matters’, because it does.

Digital Advertising
This entails all digital advertising efforts. We not only utilize the Google network, we are also very familiar with multiple platforms, such as: Bing, AOL, Yahoo and various social media platforms.

Organic Promoting
All the good stuff that comes naturally – editorial calendars, email marketing, blogging, social media messaging, etc.

Retaining Customers
Getting new customers is the easy part, keeping them as lifers is where the true marketing skill comes into play.

So without further ado, we deliver you a brand new website completely driven around our four core services – the stuff we are really, really good at.

Of course we are always open to feedback; we hope you find our website helpful and informative. It’s been a lot of fun revamping our brand.

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