Digital Marketing Strategy Development: Part 1 of 3

Digital Marketing Strategy Development: Part 1 of 3

iStock_000019404087SmallDo you have a Digital Marketing Strategy? Do you need a digital strategy? Finally, how is a digital marketing strategy different from our current marketing strategy? These are questions many marketers get stuck on and are unsure of how to proceed. Like anything else, the best place to begin is at the beginning.

Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Many companies do, but they do not go beyond a website or they may have a list of tactics like managing a Facebook page, Pinterest page or launching email blasts. However, there is a lack of cohesion with shared goals and purposes.

Exigo begins with a “situation analysis” before we discuss strategy. The reason we start here is to identify elements of your current digital endeavors.

What are your current resources? We want to take a snapshot of your current team’s responsibilities and how much time they spend on digital marketing. Then, we investigate the tools you may be using, like Hootsuite for social media or WordPress for blogging. Utilizing the right tools can make a world of difference.

Next, create a simple SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats) analysis. Armed with this you can start to see possibilities for a strategy to achieve your organization’s goals, which leads us to our final part. Are there documented goals for your organization to achieve? If so, list the top three out. Just make sure that ‘Create a Digital Marketing Strategy’ isn’t one of them.

From there we dive in the Discovery phase to validate our current situation. This ensures that we are on the same page.

We want to know what our customers are thinking, what types of customers we have and what keeps them up at night. How does our product or service affect them? This includes B2C and B2B. Everyone has a pain. It is our job to find out why they use you to cure the pain. Later in the process we will break down your customers into segments and define messages that best target them.

Do you need a digital strategy?

This is a crazy question since this is a service our company offers; however, it’s an honest one. The semantics of creating a digital strategy can be simple. The difficulty is maintaining discipline to execute your digital strategy.

Perhaps the better question to ask is, “Do you want a digital marketing strategy?”

When creating the actual strategy it has to have real possibilities of working not just a lot of positive thoughts. Do you have the budget? Can you afford to pay cash in the short-term for long-term gains?

Although digital marketing is less expensive, that doesn’t imply that it’s free or cheap. If you don’t have the resources, are you willing to acquire them as an employee, contractor or agency?

How is a digital marketing strategy different from our current marketing strategy?

The reality is, it’s not that different. The tactics are very different, but the overall strategy typically is not. The major difference would be on the goals side and that would change the strategy to some degree.

We like to think of the digital marketing strategy as a sub set of your overall marketing strategy. The two should be inline and have a consistent message to your targeted audience. As you breakdown your customer base into segments, you can target them more efficiently online.

Driving Point: Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy is a process. It is not the management of your website and social media platforms.

In the next post (2 of 3) we will review customer segments, messages and ideation for a digital marketing strategy. The last post (3 of 3) will discuss planning, testing, execution and retesting.


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