SEO vs. Sales Optimization

SEO vs. Sales Optimization

Buy NowSEO or search engine optimization, is a phrase that describes the procedures used to optimize a website to rank well in search engines. SEO includes processes such as adding relevant keywords and phrases, editing meta description and title tags among other components.

But what is Sales Optimization? It can be best defined by the effectiveness of the process of gaining and retaining customers that choose to purchase a business’ goods or services. That sounds much simpler than SEO doesn’t it? The reality is that it’s not easier and it can be very subjective.

Here is the real issue when trying to pursue an SEO strategy: SEO is primarily used to rank as high as possible for a relevant search term. However, that may not work with the development of a sales funnel if you are engaging in other marketing efforts. You want to guide the customer into making an informed purchasing decision when they get to your website.

When creating “overly” SEO’d pages, you might lose the prospect you were trying to attract. In some cases, if you type in a keyword or phrase, the prospect may not enter the sales funnel in the correct stage. Even if they do start in the beginning, there’s a chance that they might not find what they are looking for.

Next, look at your SEO strategy and tactics after the sales funnel is created and communicated. Think of your website as part of the sales process, not just specific to a given search term or phrase. Develop the sales message you want to communicate to the potential customer that will motivate them to purchase your goods and services.

When you have your sales funnel plan in place, look at the many different aspects of SEO. Can you weave in the keywords and phrases that will get you found on an organic search? Your website developer can then plan for all the technical aspects of the site. With his technical eye, he can ensure that the images, javascript and bells and whistles fit correctly without distracting from the customer’s purchasing decision.

Driving Point: Selling is a process of trust of varying degree, not an organized list of information that a customer has to sort through. Getting found is the beginning, not the end, of the sales process.

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