Behavioral Retargeting

Behavioral Retargeting

iStock_000017404194SmallDo you ever feel like the internet is creeping on you?  You suddenly notice ads popping up for a company for which you recently visited its website. Those ads follow you around as you navigate the internet.  This is called behavioral retargeting (or simply, retargeting). This form of very targeted online advertising is based on the previous online actions of consumers, especially in situations where online actions did not result in a sale or conversion.

Serving up relevant ads
Technically speaking, retargeting marks or tags online users who visit a certain brand website with a pixel or a cookie, and then serves relevant, digital ads only to the people who have shown at least some amount of interest.  The most common retargeting opportunity is cart abandonment. But, in some cases, you will be shown ads even after you simply visit a related topic to a given brand.

Increased conversion rate
Retargeting is a brilliant bonus available to digital marketers. According to TVL Media, retargeted consumers are, “served relevant ads, through various and usually lower cost media sources, encouraging them to complete the process they began on the website. Retargeting not only creates higher revenues by attracting the right audience but also improves the ROI of the rest of your online campaigns.” With retargeting, the conversion rate is much higher than an original, one time exposure. Many prospects will not even see the original ad through all the clutter but remarking helps cut through that. In some cases the conversion rate increases up to 5 times!

Planning means success
Retargeting can be very effective not just within Google Adwords but other networks as well. However, building your own internal network, starting with a list of referring sites, via Google Analytics and Adwords is fairly simple and gives you a little more control. The same rules apply.  You are only charged for the click so the risk is very small and your campaign budget should have at least 30% budgeted for retargeting. The success of retargeting is based on your ads and your offer, so tracking where a prospect left the sales funnel is very important. Success will be based on defined and basic tactics.  Planning is key. Your ads do matter and so does your offer. Don’t just use any ad or landing page, the more specific and relevant you can be the more success you’ll have.

The investment you’ve already made
There is no higher level of intent than that of a consumer who has shown interest in your site!  This will yield the highest probability of conversion.

Driving Point: Take advantage of behavioral retargeting!  Don’t lose the prospects you already have had in your sales funnel!

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