Top Tips to Attract the “Always On” Consumer

Top Tips to Attract the “Always On” Consumer

VPG-Use-of-Online-Channels-by-the-Always-On-Feb2014Previously, we uncovered the mystery of the “Always On” Consumer. According to MarketingCharts, the majority of this newly discovered consumer group frequents social networks and use news and magazine website and half visit company websites. These folks also typically have at least 3 connected devices, go online multiple times a day, and from at least 3 different locations.

So based on what we know about the “Always On” consumer, here are our top tips for how to attract this well connected and savvy consumer group:

1. Go mobile. It’s obvious, right?! Since these consumers are always on and using a number of different devices, this group will rely greatly on mobile. Mobile apps, websites developed for their smart phones and mobile devices. They will not be patient for a website that it not built for the mobile world no matter how awesome it looks and operates on a desktop.

2. Find them where they are. When you plan to advertise, think about where these people hang out in the digital space. Remember they are found seeking practical information for everyday situations 69% of the time and they are gathering information about hobbies and personal interests 58% of the time. Figure out the best places to connect with them in these types of spaces.

3. Engage in a genuine way. The most appealing content format for more than half of the “Always On” is news, articles, and blogs. They want to read about real-life situations and applications and they won’t be won over by empty or sugar coated fluff. Of note, this group also tends to prefer listening to music over online gaming and videos on-demand.

4. Solidify your anchor in the digital world: your website. 57% of “Always On” consumers are seeking special offers, discounts and promotions for products and brands.

Driving PointThese “Always On” consumers are a savvy group of connected consumers. They are a group of consumers not only here to stay, but here to grow. Get to know them.


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