Who are these “Always On” Consumers?

Who are these “Always On” Consumers?

Unable to go anywhere without his technologyYou may be familiar with them and not even know it. In fact, you may be one of them. The “Always On” consumer, according to Experian, a leading global information services company, is described as consumers who are the most digitally connected consumer groups. Social Butterflies, Working Professionals, Gamers, and Techies are the four key “Always on” consumer groups.

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director of Data and Analytics at Experian Marketing Services explains, “Over the past decade, the advent of social media, the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other new connected devices, and access to limitless data regardless of location have led to the emergence of the Always On, connected consumer.”

According to a recent study by Vivaldi Partners Group, 3 out of 4 “Always-on” consumers frequent social networks, 2 out of 3 use news and magazine websites, and 1 out of 2 visit company websites. MarketingCharts explains that, “The study analyzes the online behavior of this highly-connected group, made up of individuals who use at least 3 connected devices, go online multiple times a day, and go online from at least 3 different physical locations.”

The Vivaldi Partners Group study reports that when going online, “Always On” consumers typically search for practical information for everyday situations (69% of the time), while many are also gathering information about hobbies and personal interests (58% of the) and finding special offers, discounts and promotions (57% of the time). Furthermore, the content format that these consumers are using is primarily (57%) news, articles and blog posts. Interestingly, music (42%) is a more popular content format than online games (36%) and videos/video-on-demand (26%).

Depending on what you are marketing and who your target market is, this emerging trend of “Always On” consumers may be of interest to you. And/or you may be finding yourself joining the motion. Either way, it is safe to say that “Always On” is a trend that it here to stay.

Driving Point: “Always On” consumers are just that. Always on. Always connected.

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