It’s Not about Hitting Home Runs; It’s about Getting on Base

It’s Not about Hitting Home Runs; It’s about Getting on Base

Gaedel getting on baseDigital Marketing. It bears a resemblance to what Billy Beane and Peter Brand were trying to do in the 2012 Academy Award nominated film, Moneyball. You might think that the movie is all about baseball. Really, it is a movie about data. Just as marketing isn’t all about creative, it is also about data. Digital marketing is simply a statistical mathematical equation.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see Moneyball, make it a priority. This film is the essence of what successful digital marketers are talking about. What’s important. Not what makes up trends and snazzy campaigns, but rather how many clicks, how many emails, how many opens, how many conversions does it take to be successful. There is a science to it.

Take Eddie Gaedel. At 3 feet 7 inches he was the shortest player to ever play baseball in the major leagues. Due to his miniscule strike zone, this pinch hitter was successful at his job: getting on base.

Sure, you can step up to the plate and smash a home run, cast a big net, use the shotgun method and sometimes get lucky. Signing the right players that fit into your game plan is more important than selecting that top player with a multi-million dollar contract. Anybody can show up to the plate, it is what they do when they get there that’s important. If there is no follow through on your campaign, for example outdoor advertising without a mobile optimized site or no call to action, then the “at bat” is worthless.

So when you gather your team to plan your marketing. Keep in mind the lessons learned from Moneyball. Billy Beane: “Why do you like him?” Peter Brand: “Because he gets on base.” Develop a campaign to get you on base. Don’t shoot for the home run. Runs will come as a result of getting on base. Home runs, while exciting, are fewer and further between.

Driving Point: Statistical and analytical data tell the story of digital marketing success, not the bells and whistles.

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