Marketing is Data

Marketing is Data

funnel_for_dataLet’s face it. Marketing is now driven by data. A good bit of the guesswork is gone. Yet, more times than not, there still seems to be a focus group of one and typically, it’s the main decision maker. But can you really support what you believe to be the correct path for your campaign? I mean, support it with data? Hard facts? Analytics?

Don’t be your own Focus Group
Using readily available data you can frame the discussion to that focus group of one and have the optimal creative and media outlets for placement the advertising ready to go. But how do you begin? First, create a structure for what you want to track. Start with what’s important but keep it simple.

Start Simple and Expand
Maybe you want to begin by creating a spread sheet to track information that is most important to you and your business. For example, maybe tracking a particular ad or the network it is on would benefit you. Maybe you also want to track how it will be used, how many clicks, cost of impression, etc. Review what you’ve decided to track. Then set a measurable goal, a measurable number, not just an increase or decrease.

Decisions Based on Data are Better Decisions
Seeing is believing. Until you go through this very simple exercise and put it into practice you won’t reap the benefit. Keep at it religiously because soon you will be able to see how the data you accumulate will begin to help guide you to better decisions. Of course, I’m simplifying, but it is simple and can be simple. Start small and build from there. You really need to start somewhere. Getting started is the hardest part.

Driving Point: Start simple and small to collecting your marketing data. Soon you’ll be making decisions based on factual data and not hunches.

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