How Digital Marketing Can Benefit CMOs

How Digital Marketing Can Benefit CMOs

CMO's always have to report ROI to the CFO

The CMOs are always watching

Ever heard the saying, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”? Most CMOs have a “traditional” mindset when it comes to marketing since the traditional appears to be more tangible. You can see your ad in the newspaper, on a billboard, on TV or hear it on the radio. You know it ran and you’re aware that it has been seen or heard. Data may be provided by the traditional media buyer in the form of “reach”. In reality, you don’t know if it really had an effect or if the advertising was on target. You can’t say for exactly sure if a consumer action was the result of your billboard, the radio spot, or perhaps good old-fashioned word-of mouth. You just don’t typically know for certain with traditional advertising.

Digital is Invaluable to

Digital advertising can report how many people have seen the advertising, have acted, and what they clicked next. That’s pretty cool, right? We can also find out exactly which ad was seen, the website, keywords used for searching and type of website received the best results. And this is just scratching the surface of what information you can learn about your target market! Using digital advertising, you can start to build an accurate picture of the type of customer you are looking for. All this combined with very targeted landing pages that are tested and tested again make the benefits of digital marketing hard to beat.

Don’t fear the Digital

Yet for some reason, many CMOs will not take advantage of the benefits of digital and build it into their campaigns. Perhaps the reason for this is their perceived loss of control, or afraid of embracing new technology. Marketing professionals need to understand that with digital marketing, they have even more control than traditional methods. With digital you can change the message, creative, landing pages, web site and keywords within minutes. There isn’t a big production of a radio or TV ad or an even bigger production for a billboard or a trade journal.

Digital Even has a Benefit to Traditional

Digital can even make it easier to track your traditional, by creating a baseline in your analytics prior to running the advertising. CMOs need to start thinking in terms of the benefit digital data can mean to their business and not fear technology.

Driving Point: Don’t be afraid of digital marketing! Once you’re a believer, you’ll never look back!

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