Exigo Digital is a New Google Partner

Exigo Digital is a New Google Partner

googlepartnerExigo Digital Marketing is pleased and excited to announce that it has recently achieved Google Partner status! The Google Partner program is Google’s platform for digital marketing agencies, like Exigo Digital Marketing, that have earned Google’s seal of approval. As a member of this exclusive community, Exigo Digital will receive preferential access to a range of benefits including live training events, industry insights, tutorials, extended support, beta test opportunities, and an array of other tools that will give partner agencies the inside track to better serve their clients.

In order for Exigo Digital Marketing to receive this Partner status, it had to go through a series of qualifications. First, advanced AdWords knowledge and testing certification was required. Additionally, Exigo Digital Marketing had to deliver a proven track record of maximizing clients’ campaign performance, as well as an ample volume of AdWords activity across Exigo’s managed accounts.

Campaign performance and AdWords activity is validated by Google and re-evaluated every 90 days. When you see the Google Partner badge, you can trust that the certification is up-to-date and that the agency has mastered the essentials of Google certification. It also indicates that agency clients are receiving excellent service by maximizing Google best practices for success and that the partner agency has a proven track record with Google. Exigo Digital Marketing has met the criteria!

Exigo Digital Marketing is excited about its Google Partner seal of approval and would love to put its Google insights and training to work for you. Give us a call today to find out how.

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