Darwin Thinking for Websites

Darwin Thinking for Websites

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that improving your website will ultimately improve your bottom line.  But then why do so many companies launch websites only to sit and gather dust?open

Your website should always be evolving.  It is your storefront to the digital world.  You would be disinterested to see the same fashions on store mannequins month after month, year after year.  Just the same, you wouldn’t want your website to always be the same.  The most effective websites are evolving constantly.  Just as fashion changes so do your customers’ habits, not to mention technology.

Online shoppers are using new and more efficient ways to find what they are looking for. It takes work, dedication, and attention to be ahead of (or even on) the curve.  Always validate the design, navigation, and messaging of your website.  Be constantly aware of how people are finding you, and I’m not talking only about keywords.

Improving your website = improving your marketing.   I’m not suggesting a complete redesign but tweaks and changes will be necessary along the way.  Two great tools you can use to evolve your website are usability testing and A/B testing. Configure your website analytics to learn how people are using the website.  Employ some tools.  Evolve your website.  Does your online storefront need a makeover?

Driving Point: Your website is your storefront to the digital world.  Is yours evolving and fresh or stagnate and outdated?

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