Exigo Digital Hosts HSMC

Exigo Digital Hosts HSMC

Harrisburg Social Media ClubExigo Digital Marketing’s (#ExigoDM)(exigodigital.com) Alan Brocious (@AlanBr82) was excited and pleased to host the Harrisburg Social Media Club (#hbgsmc)on Wednesday in his York offices.  Following the typical greetings and exchanging of business cards, Ann Deeter Gallaher (@AnneDGallaher), CEO  of Deeter Gallaher Group and co-author of Women In High Gear, kicked off the meeting by asking all attendees to introduce themselves and tell their preferred social media platform. More than a few of us were surprised by the responses.Of course, Facebook was easily the number one preferred social media platform followed closely by Twitter for personal as well as professional purposes.  Notably, Instagram got a nice handful of shout outs, followed by LinkedIn.  Even Houzz, a unique, niche social media platform that boasts the largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, got a mention.  Neither Pinterest nor Google + were named.

During the roundtable meeting, presenter Bill Dannehl, CEO of Verus Construction Management (#VerusCM)(VerusCM.com), explained  that Houzz is the construction industry go-to for social media.  To get discussion rolling, Bill tossed a question out to the group.   He asked the marketing professionals how they choose which social media platform(s) to set up for business to business purposes and how to find the time to manage all of those platforms.

Anne Deeter Gallaher fielded this question like the pro that she is.  Her advice was met with many heads nodding in agreement by many of us who struggle with these choices on a daily basis.  She explained that people desire to make personal connections, whether they are at work or at home.  Successful marketing these days is no longer simply B2B or B2C.  It is now people to people.  The likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. make personal connections possible.

Harrisburg Social Media ClubRegardless of whether YOU think that it doesn’t make sense for your industry specific product or service to have a social media presence, people WILL seek you out in that space and want to connect.  “Facebook is the behemoth,” Ann explained.  She believes it owns the social media space and is here to stay, despite the reports that it is slowing in growth.

Harold Good (@Hal_Good), Past President at the National Procurement Institute, added that perhaps a good way to ease into social media is to choose one platform – the one where people will most want to connect with you – and build that vigorously. Then have the other platforms point to or drive traffic to the more robust one.

Despite the different levels of commitment to social media, all agreed that it is here to stay.  For more information on building a social media plan contact Exigo Digital Marketing. For information, please visit the Harrisburg Social Media Club Facebook Page.   We would love to connect with you at one of the upcoming monthly meetings.

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