A/B and Multi-Variant Testing

A/B and Multi-Variant Testing

A/B testing and Muliti Variant testingWhich of these is clearer?  This one or this one?  A or B?  If you’ve ever been to the eye doctor you understand the concept of A/B testing.  A/B testing your website isn’t much different. 

On your website, a page may appear to be well-designed but it might just need a little tweak here or there. Often you may find that just a few minor changes result in increased response, and in some cases this can be surprisingly dramatic.

Multi-variant testing goes beyond just A and B. The best way to set this up would be to assign a certain percentage of visitors to each variant page in a round robin fashion.  Regardless of which A/B testing tool you are using, make sure a “cookie” is set on the visitor’s browser.  You wouldn’t want to confuse them by showing them a different page every time they visit.

You can use your testing campaign almost like you would a focus group.  Once the pages are set up then “experiments” may be created.  For example, you can identify which page variation gets the most activity.  There is also the option to tag individual elements on the page to further test a more detailed variation. It is not uncommon to see a significant increase of activity just by changing the size of a button by a few pixels.

A/B and multi-variant testing helps with your site usability but also will help your bottom line. Armed with the results from the tests, you will have valuable data that, implemented correctly, will increase your conversion rate and will improve the overall performance of your current and future campaigns.

Driving Point: A/B and multi-variant testing is a great way to create your very own online focus groups.  The insight gathered can be used to improve website usability as well as to increase sales.

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