Exigo Digital Marketing Named One of Google Engage ALL-STARS

Exigo Digital Marketing Named One of Google Engage ALL-STARS


York, PA – Every year, Google rewards top digital marketing agencies in the United States, New Zealand, and the Americas with its coveted Google Engage All-Stars award. The most recent batch of winners was just announced and Exigo Digital Marketing was among the top award recipients.

Google Engage is a program created to support digital marketing agencies as they master the art of online marketing. The goal of the program is to provide support to the agencies as they cultivate their clients’ success in the online marketplace.

Bursting with enthusiasm, Alan Brocious, CEO and founder of Exigo Digital Marketing exclaimed, “I’m very excited about this award designation. This is a big deal!”

As part of the awards package for being a Google Engage All-Stars winner, Exigo Digital Marketing has received an exclusive expenses-paid invitation to Google’s All-Stars Summit at corporate headquarters in Mountain View, CA. At this Summit, Google promises advanced training, exclusive materials, one-on-one consultations with Google experts, and lots of Google schwag.

Kait VanDuzer, Digital Marketing Manager for Exigo Digital Marketing commented, “I’m very excited for the opportunities we will have as a result of the advanced training. I look forward to putting these advantages to work for our clients.”

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