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Everyone would be in the major leagues and fantasy sports would be obsolete.
Your digital marketing needs to perform, driven by ROI, we can help.


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Everyone would be on tour and not in karaoke bars.
Your digital marketing needs to perform, driven by ROI, we can help.


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Everyone would have an Oscar instead of watching Netflix.
Your digital marketing needs to perform, driven by ROI, we can help.


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The Reality Check

When you’re ready to find out how you’re performing.

Our digital marketing analysis is for real. This is not Google Analytics. No more focus groups sharing opinions – only hard data showing real results. If you want to learn how your website, mobile marketing and social media efforts are delivering a return on your investment, our multi-point reality check is the best way to insure ALL future marketing decisions are made with one outcome: results.

Make Improvements, Not Changes.

If you website conversions are under performing or have plateaued, the most subtle of changes can mean thousands in revenue gained or lost. Our reality check removes all guesswork.

Talk to Us about a Reality Check, our analysis builds revenue, plugs holes and increases confidence.

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The numbers never lie and always win.

It’s all statistics. While everyone else is chasing creative awards and fancy slogans, we’ve done the math. Delivering undeniable ROI is found in the numbers. Over time our methods of procuring data and ongoing analysis of your website, email, digital marketing campaigns and social efforts tell us exactly how many visitors you need to earn the income, leads or sales you’re seeking. We compare this data with the creative used to produce an optimal audience and identify the tipping point of conversion. You win every time.

You may not have ROI immediately, but we will build a strategy, over time, that does.

The numbers never lie, we cannot hide from the results. If we did not succeed, we wouldn’t be in business.

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Creative That Drives Results

Doesn't always win awards.

Exigo Labs drives the creative behind our successful digital marketing campaigns and landing page designs.

While many “creatives” turn heads, it’s often a detriment to the client.

Buzz is good, customer conversion is better.

Our creative team is obsessed with strategy, not impressing our peers. We are eager to write copy and produce art that brings in customers. Every campaign comes with multiple parts for A/B testing. Once we nail the most effective images and messaging, you can confidently push them through traditional channels knowing they already work.

Philadelphia Antiques Show

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Hershey Harrisburg Visitors Bureau

PPC Campaign & Mobile App Dev

Ox Paper Tube & Core

Digital Strategy & Video Production

Lily & Val
Digital Strategy
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Digital Advertising
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Digital Advertising
Meadowbrooke Gourds
Website Usability

What we do

and how

we do it.

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you knew that for every dollar you gave us, we would give you $5 in return, you would take that deal. However, if we randomly gave you 5 cents instead, that would be risky and you wouldn’t take the chance.

Stop the guessing game. Too many businesses base their marketing strategy on individual opinions, aka guesswork.

We build digital campaigns based on facts. Encompassing everything from pay per click and social media to email and SEO, our campaigns are focused solely on ROI. We want you to know that you’re getting that $5 for every dollar you put in.

Everything digital is track-able, we know who, when, where and what works. The insight we gain from the analytics we collect allow us to optimize your marketing strategies resulting in the highest ROI possible.

It’s better knowing what will work before paying for what does not.

Digital Brand Analysis

Knowing how your brand stacks up online is more important than ever. Exigo’s ongoing digital brand analysis allows you to understand how your targeted customers receive, interact with and ultimately feel about your company. Capturing this data provides a priceless look into your brand messaging and strategy’s success.

Social Media can make or break you and your goals. Exigo monitors brand reception in all social channels and acts quickly to provide you with the information necessary to navigate these consumer-controlled waters with confidence.


Far beyond “set it and forget it” Google Analytics and PPC, our SEM & SEO strategies come with in-depth analysis and reporting every month that demonstrate where you stand concerning your ROI.

With reports you can understand, our analysis shows you earnings based on performance so you know what is working and what needs improvement.

Our SEM team has spent time at Google in both New York City and Mountain View, California learning what it takes to drive the most successful results.

Website Development

Imagine if Chevrolet used a golf cart’s engine in the Corvette. It would look beautiful, but you wouldn’t get very far. Unfortunately, many people build websites this way. They concern themselves with how good it looks and not how effective it is at conveying information or converting sales, rarely thinking about the user experience.

Imagine combining our deep analysis of your digital presence, knowing exactly what works and what does not (see our Reality Check) with brilliant and beautiful website design. The results are better than a Corvette – they’re a Corvette that actually pays you to drive it and never needs gasoline.

You need


Contact us.

As a Harley-Davidson Executive for 16 years, I’m accustomed to expecting a great deal from my marketing team. Two years ago, when I launched my own business, I started working with Al and his team at Exigo Digital Marketing. We have forged a great business relationship and they have delivered on all of my expectations. They’ve also helped us to develop a complete marketing strategy, from our brand identity to our digital media strategy to our tactical marketing plan. Exigo’s marketing experience, varied business background, and key insights make them a critical part of my business team.
Bill Dannehl | CEO and Founder | Verus Construction Management |
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Exigo is committed to providing every client, through research and analysis, the incite necessary to fully comprehend their digital marketing presence and its effectiveness in the marketplace with such precision that they will always experience a return on their investment.
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